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    25. März 2009
    Well, time for a pros/cons.

    pros :
    - great atmosphere, mostly great people
    - great organization
    - the shows I awaited where great (h&h made my day)

    cons :
    - sound was too loud on many shows (MH for example) : high freq are too harsch, and ear-plugs turns this in a muddy sound
    - napalm death were awesome, but waaaayyy too short : 40 minutes at 11 o'clock. wtf ? great nonsense imo. treat foreign legends a better way !
    - subway to sally is crap. "best german band" according to metal hammer award... :confused: hell, no.
    - ramma gay is gay :p
    - beck's is too expensive. it's not bad, but not worth this price. Wacken beer was worth its price, even if beck's is better.
    - festivalers are filthy pigs : I've never seen such a disgusting place. garbage all over the floor. orga should put more garbage cans, and empty them from times to times... that could help

    well, I may come back in 2010 and piss you off on this forum again :D :o

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