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    ISLE OF MAN recently finished their work on the first IOM video-clip for the song PIGROAST, you can dowmload it on

    Expect some heavy shit: Dying Fetus meets The Dillinger Escape Plan and Cephalic Carnage...

    We will release a first mini-cd BREATHE PLASTIC soon, which will also be available in the metalshops in Germany, so pick it up this fall / winter !!!

    Let us know what you think of the music-video... we are curious what you think of it!
    You can mail us at

    We are looking for shows in Germany so if you like some heavy technical crazy deathmetal with samba/jazz influences, please mail us.

    We play some shows in the Netherlands / Belgium:
    11-9 Q-Bus - Leiden (NL) Gadget(S) / Malkovich / Stockholm Syndrome / more
    24-9 n201 - Aalsmeer (NL) Obsidian and more
    25-9 OJC Phoenix (NL) - Hegelsom Collision / Grobar
    1-10 DB'S - Utrecht (NL) Stronghold / Led Astray
    2-10 Ojeesee - Hardenberg (NL) Carceri / Carnal Leftovers
    8-10 JC Demo - Oisterwijk (NL) Kill.Caress
    16-10 De Groote Weier - Krommenie (NL) Anger Rises / Obtuse
    23-10 Goudvishal - Arnhem (NL) Nasum (S)
    28-10 GAS-Lab - Eindhoven (NL) Aborted ( / Stormrider
    30-10 De Pul - Uden (NL) Textures
    2-11 JC Metro - Panningen (NL) Altar / Dark Day Rising
    4-11 The Squat - Leuven (B) ( + more
    26-11 Q-Bus - Leiden (NL) Shikari / Robocop Kraus (D) / Zann / Omission
    28-11 Sporthal Gennep Eindhoven (NL) - Festival
    3-12 Frontline - Gent (B) ( Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition (Fr.)

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