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    As WOA 2001 was my first year down there i was disturbed by the lack of information regarding changes on the stages. I was e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y happy to find out that Annihilator was to play on WOA(one of the reasons i went there).BUT i almost missed out. Because on scheduled time CREMATORY appeared where ANNIHILATOR was to play... And therefore i missed ARTCH. So I want more and better informations about all the changes. Not this wanker going onstage one second after ANNIHILATORs set ends and in broken German telling us that some changes has occured.But overall it was such a great festival i am dreaming of a even greater festival next year as YOU WILL BOOK the almighty QUEENSRYCHE for the festival won´t you
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    but sentinel is right... even in the case of queensryche *ggg*

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