I need one Ticket 2 Paradise City

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    10. Dezember 2011
    Wenn Du noch ein Ticket los werden willst bin ich sofort zur Stelle.
    Wenn Du mir eine E-Mails schickst würde ich mich extrem freuen.
    Ich bin echt zuverlässig.
    Das war auch echt das letzte mal, dass ich nach W.O.A mit dem Ticket kaufen aus finanziellen Gründen zögere.
    Hier meine E-Mail-Adresse:

    Danke man

    Satan: I AM COMPLETE!
    Satan: [singing] Yes you are fucked/Shit out of luck./Now I'm complete and my cock you will suck. This world shall be mine/ and you're first in line/You brought me the pick and now you shall both die!
    JB: [singing] WAIT, Wait, wait, you motherfucker! We chalenge you to a rock-off! Give us one chance to rock your socks off!
    Satan: FUCK! FUCK! Fuck! The demon code prevents me, from declining the rock off challenge. What are your terms? Whats the catch?
    JB: [singing] If we win you must take your sorry ass back to hell, and also you will have to pay our rent!
    Satan: And what if i win?
    JB: Then you can take Kage back to hell...
    KG: What?
    JB: Trust me, Kage. It's the only way!
    KG: What are you talking about?
    JB: To be your little bitch!
    Satan: Fine! Let the rock off begin!
    [laughs manically]

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