How do you tell if a band is American?

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4 Aug. 2008
...or in Al Jourgensen's case, he just makes circular motions with his finger and watches amusedly as mayhem ensues.
13 Okt. 2007
Boston Area, Massachusetts
If anyone was unfortunate enough to get stuck near the stage during the performances, How did the crowd respond to some of the American metal core bands like As I Lay Dying and Killswitch? (I'm assuming these are some of the bands that were demanding circle pits :rolleyes:).

:D It is true though. I've always found it kind of pointless to yell at the crowd to start a circle pit, but I guess the need to try and bring more to the show than just musicianship like these bands do goes hand in hand with the mediocrity of a lot of American acts, especially the more hardcore influence ones.


W:O:A Metalhead
14 Nov. 2007
Exodus was doing it and they don't need to tell people to start a circle pit. I was watching Warbringer during Killswitch. The singer from Warbringer was just asking for blood and wanting to see people die in the pits.