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    When will we find out who the headliners are for this years Wacken?

    Which bands are you in negotiation with to headline this years festival.

    Is there any chance of the following bands playing this year?

    Adorned Brood
    Impending Doom

    Thanks for your time

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    Headliner in negotiation.

    The other Bands are not possible for 2001
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    mmhhhh... You didnt really answer the first two questions, did you?
    So again, WHEN and HOW will we find out who is headlining?
    and WHO are you in negotiations with??? come on, at least give a hint!!!
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    Jau ich will auch was über die Headliner wissen. Echt geil wär ja Iron Maiden, Manowar oder Deep Purple. Ich hoffe ihr bekommt da was gescheites. Aber sonst sind die Bands die spielen ja der Hammer. Weiter so.

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