Hate Eternal & Aborted Interview

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    So muss ma wieder Werbung machen, kann meinen alten Thread nicht finden*gg*

    Also guckt ma auf unsere Seite und lest euch das Interview mit Eric Rutan (Ex-Morbid Angel/Hate Eternal) und Svencho von Aborted durch.

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    14. April 2002

    Her für die faulen Säcke, die zu faul sind auf den Link zu klciken wenigstens das Aborted Interview*gg*

    Hi. Sven Have you some News for us?!
    Heya, ehm yeah, my left nut is a bit itchy today, prolly because i have been flogging it for the past 2 hours, further than that, we're preparing/writing new songs for the upcoming fullength, which should be recorded in december, and should be at least as mansex appealing as our last effort, if not even worse

    Our Standard-Question. How you became a Metalhead? Friends?
    I became a metalhead after my time in the big Nam man! I got a shotwound at my rather hugely deformed forehead & they had to close that up with some scrap that was lying around, that's prolly one of the reasons that our lyrics are pretty much retarded, then again, we don't sniff up others people ass so it's cool, all is cool....yeesssssssssssss. On a more serious note, i'd say i got into metal by stumbling into napalm death's 'utopia banished' when it just came out, that was the beginning of it all

    For that people who don't know you, yet (can't be so much). Can you give them a brief history of Aborted?
    We are aborted, we play songs, we have been kicking anus since 1997, and we write songs about bungholy things & brown asscookies. As far as discography goes, the first official release was the "Necrotorous Chronicles" Demo back in 1998, a year after that we had our first fullength Album "The purity of perversion" which lead to lots of gigs all round europe, and eventually the split cd with the spanish mofo's Christ Denied, which got us the deal with Listenable Records. Shortly after this split we recruited a new guitarist under Thijs, who has been fitting the band rather well, in 2001 we recorded our last album "Engineering the dead" for which extensive touring was done in europe & even an appearance in the US. This year we released a 4 way split called "Created to kill". After this split we parted ways with long time members Niek & Koen due to alot of reasons, which shall not be discussed here, and found 2 assholes to compete with us.

    In December you go in Aabenraa studios to record your Album. Tell us everything about it (Songs, Title etc.) Are there big differences to the other releases?!
    Yeah, in december we're recording, and there are going to be some changes. We have downtuned from D to B, which means the new stuff will have a much fuller & heavier sound. Also the new songs are much more songwriting oriented, alot catchier & faster than our previous stuff. I'd say you can make a mix of everything Aborted has done till now & add some new melodies, soloing to it & you can guess what the new album will sound like we can promise you that it's going to be our most extreme (in any sense of the word) record we'd have done to date.

    How is the scene in Belgium i dont know much Bands from there......
    The scene is pretty divided i guess. There's alot bands going around but not much communication between them, but there are great bands such as: Suhrim (Old School Death), Welkin (Brutal Deathcore), Leng Tch'e (Grind), In-Quest (Meshuggah styled death metal), The Quiescent (ATG-Style), Axamenta (Fantasy Metal), etc etc etc. And alot of concerts, that's for sure.

    Today (11.10.02) Prejudice from Belgium is playing here. Do you know them?!
    Ah yeah! Forgot to mention them! Great guys & good band, they play technical death metal, somewhat like death, but more brutal DM influences. You should check em out, really nice fellas.
    There's a live split with Exhumed. Tell us something about it.
    Well, we're still going through several live recordings to pick out the one with the most appropriate sound i guess, artwork has been finished, i did this one as well as the CTK 4way cover, it should have 3-4 songs from each band, live, and be limited to only 500 copies, so be fast i guess! I have no idea to the release date since we've been waiting on the exhumed artwork for a while now, meaning it kind of depends on that.
    Hmm...Live...tell us something about your last Gigs and the forthcoming. How were the Obscene Festival, there were some lil problems....
    Well, for the OE, half the band was stuck in the utterly gay german traffic jams etc, so they arrived pretty late & we had to pass up our slot to Embedded, who were cool to switch spots with us, we played pretty late, but still, it was a realy cool festival! Forthcoming Euro gigs are several loose Dates & the european tour with IMMOLATION in march so look out for that!
    Tell us something about the Cock and Ball Crew.
    Haahahah that's something started long ago. Ah okay, well basicly it's a bunch of worldwide Bands that are in good contact & just support each other in Deathmetal stupidity. We printed up some shirts & did some shows together with most of them it's just a bunch of metalretards standing up for each other ;)

    Is anyone in Aborted involved in any other bands or projects?
    Yeah i'm in Leng Tch'e & In-Quest, Bart is in Suhrim and the other members are just in Aborted. I'm playing drums in Leng Tch'e, which is a grindcore band (http://come.to/lengtche) it's a mix of Hemdale, Blood Duster, Nasum & Regurgitate kind of stuff; in In -quest i do vocals, and that's more Technical Deathmetal with Meshuggah influences. (www.in-quest.be) I just joined that band in july, and we just finished new recordings mp3's online later this month. Bart plays guitars in Suhrim, it's where he came from & still plays in, they play oldschool death metal

    You also do the Homepage for Aborted. Do you study Informatic, or where did you learn that?!
    I'm a graphic designer for job, i've been doing that kind of shit for like 4 years now. I also do designs for album artworks & for various Listenable records releases etc etc.

    Whats about some Multimedia?! I saw on your Page that there will come some Videos (to download). Will there also be a full dvd in the future?! Or maybe a video for the new CD?
    We're working on a videoclip for the new album and also recording as much liveshows as we can, we'll post live videos on the site it hink and who knows that one day we'll release a video, it kinda depends on the demand

    What you're doing in your freetime?! You interested in Sport? And what Films you like and why?!
    I hates sports, i don't have much freetime really, i just do the 3 bands, have my work & for the rest i watch alot of movies yeah, mostlly films where limbs are tossed, cunts are licked & that stimulate my sense of humour

    Will you play some Summer-Festivals in the next year?! And what you like more: "Lil Clubs or Big Clubs" and "Playing live or records sessions"?!
    Ehhhhh, not sure about the summer festivals, it's a little bit too early to confirm that but i do most certainly hope we will be able to do some fests yeah. It depends, some big clubs are really cool, if you have enough people in them ;), little clubs are cool as fuck if they're packed cause you have a better contact with the audience, we like both & allways have fun on stage. We do prefer playing live to recording sessions, live is just all about fun, and having a good show, recordings are kinda stressy because you want the cd to be as good as possible & not dissapoint anyone.

    Which question you've always wanted to be asked?! Of course Answer the Question.
    Question: Why do you think the german mainstream press is so anal about 'nailed through her cunt'?
    Answer: They eat too much ansjovis???
    (Info on hat: Some bigger german mags gave "Engineering the dead" 0 without listening, because we had a song called "Nailed Through Her Cunt" and they said we were pro rape, which kinda pissed us off :) )

    Ok, now some Brainstorming. Tell me what crosses your Mind when you hear that words.
    Fulci - Excellent gore director
    MP3 Trading - Good at one point, bad at another. It's good to see that shit is getting spread, and Bands are getting promoted, on the other hand if you want to keep supporting bands, if you like their stuff, buy the cd's & merchandise. Without CD-Sales (even how underground it may be) there won't be new releases. Bands/labels have studio expenses to get paid & shit like that. If people stop buying albums, it will finally affect the listener as well
    Commerce - Necessary evil
    Money - Unfortunately a priority for alot of people

    Ok, thanks for your time to answer that questions. Any final comments?
    Anyone into some limb tossing death fucking metal keep your eyes open for the next album, it shall contain alot of abba-ism & romantic doodoosongs about boobs & other lovely things, check the site for more info: www.goremageddon.com
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