Hard Rock Hell IV

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    To the HRH loyal

    At long last, it’s time to get HRH IV on the road

    Hard Rock Hell IV will take place back at Prestatyn Sands, on 3rd / 5th December 2010, actually, after last years sold out Thursday night, it will start on the 2nd for the Die Hard HRH Loyal.

    The Line up and theme has again been down to the punters vote( the DC and HRH Vets), which will be leaked out over the next few months, it will contain, Glam, Sleaze, NWOBHM, Young Blood, Thrash, Metal and loads of Classic Rock. I think we can squeeze in about 60 bands over the three days, so be rest assured you’ll get, yet again, another 360 HRH experience. Combine that with the crowd and camaraderie that goes there and you know what HRH is all about. They created it, they made it and they select the bands on mass every year.

    OK, been on all your lists, so the first batch of American’s finest comes in on the form of Skid Row, proven track record and high on all of your wish charts, not been here for a while, so a good one to start with.

    Second up, a real cult hero for me and a lot of others and someone who’s had a bit of a resurgence recently, so give it up for the return of Michael Schenker’s MSG

    The next trio will sort my Saturday afternoon Glam and Sleaze soiree out,

    Enuff Z Nuff, Pretty Boy Floyd and LA Guns…

    We have quite a few boys from the NWOBHM era so here’s two classics to start with, TANK and the legendary Diamond Head

    I’ll have another two next week (Friday), plus two more Thrashers just before Hammerfest

    A nice start and something I’m feeling already

    I’m going to play about with some day time stuff and may open up Thursday even earlier for the DC meet before the main onslaught. As last year proved so colourful and successful, we will repeat the whole fancy dress debauchery on Thursday night again,…. as you can see from the site,…by popular demand from you lot, we have themed HRH IV as …”Pirates from Prestatyn”…again the peoples choice

    VIP packages include the Thursday night as per last year as well as all the extras and If anyone who chooses to go with Silver or Gold, they can add this on for a simple 25 GBP per person , which will get you another nights accom, plus loads more bands and nutty fancy dress fun.

    We’ve gone on sale over 40% sold,which is incredible and something, I’m totally humbled about, so expect this one to go in lightning speed.

    So in short guys, were up and running,…and glad to be back…. HRH,..the only way to rock hard in the winter

    All Hail the IV

    Speak Shortly

    Jonni and all at the HRH Watchtower

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