Hammerfest II

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10 Okt. 2009
Hi Guys

Well Hammerfest is approaching quickly and I cant wait to do it all over again with you all in March as it just seems round the corner. VIP is gone and Fleur n Heidi are busy sorting out the last of you with DC / vet deals all the way. It’s looking hot and going fast, hopefully by mid Feb or earlier it should be gone. I’ve still to announce Thursday which includes some mean bands, so here they are in no particular order, all confirmed

Fury of the Waters, Crimes of Passion, Glass Artery, Marshall Law, Beholder, Arthemis and local heroes, SSS, making Thursday a night to remember as promised, we have approximately 119 places left for Thursday night, so sort quickly for another fancy dress bout of fun…battle style

Likewise we proud to add on some more Dark Metal in the form of Zonaria and DAATH, WHO’LL BOLSTER Dark Funeral and Akercocke beautifully

Looking great guys, just make sure your there and living it with the rest of us

Ibiza is still going strong and we’ve just announced two more bands. Firstly the mighty Skindred will be taking a headline slot. These guys have just went premiership worldwide and suit Ibiza beautifully. Secondly we promised some Spanish giants and here’s the first in the form of Saratoga, locally these guys are no strangers to tens of thousands and are a band we like the sound off, have a listen www.myspace.com/saratogaoficial.

Fleur and Heidi, still have some great deals on flights so make sure your part of HRH history on this first one. It’s nearly pay day so spank in a deposit and ready yourself for something extra special.

Lastly HRH IV, will be on sale as promised 48 hours before for DC / 24 for Vets, official on sale date is 1 March. I’m not going to piss you off with what’s already sold, you already know. Line up is looking great, so it should be…you chose it

DC Glasgow news in next Alert, looking at various options

Be good, get ready for the hammer, less than8 weeks

Jonni and all at the watchtower

Ring 08700 110034 with anything you need sorting