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    Damn hammerfall!, (or the person who organized the stages). The sound of hammerfall didn´t let Opeth to finish his concert.... DAMN!!!

    I think someone MUST be responsable of that @!#$.... @!#$ YOU!

    Now i can die in peace...
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    Yeah, that sucked like hell.
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    Mhhh... that was the unlucky position of the party stage.... i think it will be better next year....

    Why do you non-german-speaking people always have to say the F-Word..... ;-)
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    Because it´s a very nice word!
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    hehehe, yeah, the F- word rules. In spanish we have tons of words to say the same thing that F- says... so it rlz :)

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    Don´t blame Hammerfall or the organizers of WOA!

    Blame the parents of Hammerfall. They brought us
    true hell (for our ears) only for some moments of pleasure
    for them. Why didn´t the NATO didn´t bomb the houses of
    these parents many years ago?

    Not that I like Opeth very much, but if I compare them
    with Hamsterfell it is the very best band of the world.

    And I still think that Oscar Dronjek is some kind of
    alien, sent from his race to make us laugh until we die.

    He surely would be a case for the X-Files...

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