Hamburg party & Ho(s)tel?

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    29. Juli 2006
    Hi there

    I am looking for recommended ho(s)tels for the night on sunday on monday in hamburg. There are some different possibilities, so I wondered if you guys have any recommendations? I should get booking quickly so hope some people will help me out.

    I'm going to spend sunday & night in Hamburg to hang out, check out some cool metal/goth clubs (?), the Reeperbahn and basically party the post Wacken depression away ;-)

    Criteria: max 40 euro/person. Preferably 2 person room
    Close to the city/where the cool hangouts are at (read: preferred walking/crawling distance) and clean.

    Thanks a lot!

    See you in Wackennnnnn

    Ps: some names Ive come up with that seem okay: Instant Sleep, Wikinger Hof (58 euro for two), A and O city hotel Hamburg (32/pp), Hotel Mercedes, Motel Hamburg,... WIra seems to be very cool too
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