Guy from Canada – Hostel "Haus am Klev" in Sankt Michaelisdonn

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    Hi there!
    I am missing a guy from Canada, we had booked for Wacken 2010 a Hostel-Package. You stayed in room number one. I spent two nights with my friends on the Campground C, so we did not meet each other – just two times…
    At Wednesday we arrived together at the trainstation. We searched half an hour for the Hostel, and you told me your name – but unfortunately I forgot to note it down.
    I hope, you will read that. Or somebody else, we were not alone at this hostel..?
    At Sunday morning, 4:30am, we met a second time in the hall of the hostel. You also wanted to take the train at 10 o’clock, so I thought, then will be enough time to exchange addresses, but you have missed the train! And now I am missing you.
    Long and darkbrown hair, ~1,60m tall, from Canada.. =D I am not sure about more information. Help me!

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