GUN BARREL (DE) & MOONCRY (DE) co-headline tour!

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    GUN BARREL (DE) announce European tour, co-headlined by MOONCRY (DE)!


    Following up a swift and successful sprint supporting WEAPON (UK) in October, German heavy metal forerunners GUN BARREL have reloaded their ammunition and are back to invade central Europe as headliner, bringing along their German brothers-in-arms MOONCRY, who will be co-headlining the first half of the tour. Supporting the tour will be young talents HOSTILE (UK), SYSTEM OVERTHROW (NL) and UNLIMITED ADDICTION (ES).

    31/03/16 @ The Pit, Bellinzona, CH
    01/04/16 @ Underground, Ebensee, AT
    02/04/16 @ Underground, Wuppertal, DE
    03/04/16 @ The Smile, Liege, BE
    04/04/16 @ Le Dropkick, Reims, FR
    06/04/16 @ Blue Devils, Arras, FR
    07/04/16 @ De Verlichte Geest, Roeselare, BE
    08/04/16 @ A Genne Kromm, Eygelshoven, NL
    09/04/16 @ Jam Club, Koblenz, DE
    10/04/16 @ The Cave, Amsterdam, NL

    GUN BARREL don’t breathe new life into the great tradition of Heavy Metal; they inject it with high pressure. It is hard to beat the power of a burning heart, flamed with the spirit of Metal and Hard Rock. Teutonic by every single breath – strong and fierce with its fists of glory – the veteran clan of GUN BARREL dominate with grit and straightforward toughness. Gaining their dirty street credibility before the break of the millennium, and being among the most frequent performers in Germany, GUN BARREL have obliterated countless stages from intimate clubs to the legendary Wacken Open Air with their self-described “Power Dive Rock ‘n’ Metal,” impressing audiences with seemingly limitless energy and a pure heavy metal attitude. Eager to support their supercharged sixth full-length Damage Dancer, released in 2014 on Massacre Records, GUN BARREL are locked and loaded for their next European conquest!

    Representing the more contemporary side of heavy metal, MOONCRY undeniably carry the same German flag of ferocity, but with the addition of lunar energy on their side. The result is a distinctive Dark Melodic atmosphere, capturing elements of the mystic, the orchestral, the Gothic, and the melancholic, while remaining refreshingly rough-edged and metallic. This balance of dynamics and the big sound that it creates promptly got the attention of CMM imprint SAOL Records, and MOONCRY soon found themselves touring with SERENITY, and performing at Masters of Symphonic Metal Festival with LEAVES’ EYES and DELAIN, along with dozens of other gigs, tours and festival appearances. And their star continues to rise, so keep your eyes to the skies!

    Main support for the tour comes from ripe young English boys HOSTILE, who’ve already taken the UK metal media and live circuit by storm with their very individual take on groove metal. This has earned them the opportunity to tour with everyone from MACHINE HEAD to LORDI, and brings them now to an exciting excursion through Europe with GUN BARREL. Taking their Black County roots to the extreme, HOSTILE attracted the attention of JUDAS PRIEST’S K.K. Downing, who not only produced their debut, but also contributed the song “Addiction.” And with their new EP being released in March 2016, the band are clearly on their way to claiming their eventual place in the heavy metal canon.

    Are you ready for some lightning-charged metal? Dutch newcomer thrashers SYSTEM OVERTHROW bring their thunderbolt vitality to the tour, with a whirlwind of chopping rhythms, pounding bass, flashing solos and high-pitched, raspy vocals. Starting as a TESTAMENT cover band under the moniker The New Order, SYSTEM OVERTHROW are keeping true to thrash traditions with the intensity of East Coast thrash and the authenticity of the Teutonic segment, while adding their own stamp and relentless drive.

    And from Spain comes UNLIMITED ADDICTION, who are sure to melt the hearts of fans of classic Heavy Metal along the lines of RAINBOW and DIO, IRON MAIDEN, and even DEEP PURPLE. With tunes fueled by the spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll, don’t let this well-oiled machine called UNLIMITED ADDICTION pass you by unheard!

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