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Hail & Grill

W:O:A Metalmaster
4 Aug. 2008
Metallien/Provinz Power
"headliner: Machine Head, Motörhead, Saxon, Heaven and Hell, In Flames & Running Wild. no greater BM bands this year." Email by Kai

So, since it was very annoying with all the (partly justified)whining about the lack of "harder" stuff, I asked Kai is they are going to order at least "smaller" Bands of that kind.

His reply:
"ja, "kleinere" bands dieses genres werden noch veröffentlicht!"

In english:
"yes, "smaller" bands of this genere will be announced!"

So, calm down now and face the facts!
1. You are not forced to visit the festival.
2. Wacken was never a Black/Thrash festival.
3. There are enough open slots.
4. "Smaller" die-hard Bands will be announced.
5. Wacken is about far more than the bands.

So, wait until the running order. The Line-Up can still contain a good mix!

EDIT: This regards to Black/Thrash/Death
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W:O:A Metalhead
16 Aug. 2008
Good News. But I still cannot believe the give headliner slots to bands like Machine Head and Saxon, but not to a top-class act like Amon Amarth. :rolleyes:


W:O:A Metalmaster
1 Dez. 2008
Ok, he told about Black Metal. That has nothing to do with Death Metal and Thrash Metal...some slots for Bands like Kreator oder Cannibals Corpse (to name just 2 "greater" acts of these styles) are still left. I'm pretty sure that 1 or 2 acceptable bands will be there.