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    Another Wacken Open Air is over for this year.....was a little bit sad to leave the grounds as usual!! This year was awsome....totaly super perfect, the lineup...well need I say more!!
    Arangments was good also, some things put in strange places...but all in all...BRILLIANT!! thing was not so good....were the hell weher all toilets???? Ok I know some ppl had made a request for more waterclosets, wich is good, BUT not in the expence of all the others! Some of us in the camping areas had to go a long way to get to a toilet, wich was somewhat iritating....I dont think the farmes that have cornfields rounf the camping areas liked that many used them as toilets, year...spread em out, ok.....(more toilets that is)
    Thats it for me....thanks a millin all of you who was was GREAT!!!

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    Yo!!!!! Friends I am from Hong Kong, I enjoyed so much the festival......
    Well, yes, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee................more TOILETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot stand pipi on all the shits..............:0
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    Have to agree with you on your points there about the ques, like to get into the wet stage you had to go out first, stand in que to get in the tent, then stand in que again to get into the arena?!?!? Iritating to say in the least.....and yes, i agree with this rule saying you cant take yer drink in with you...but i take it that is a safety thing, dont you think...and probably to make money too as you say!
    Hope you had a great time never the less, I know I did! Traveled from Sweden to get there.....a long way, but it was worth it!!
    From where in England are you?


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