German girl somewhere out there

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    Well...i'll just copy what ive posted on other forums:
    Thus...i was crowd surfing at the BG concert when another girl in sort of my age came surfing right towards me. Later on, during the concert, we talked a little (a little! mostly jumped around screaming :p ) and...well...she was really nice and then suddenly she asked me about the time.
    23:20 i replied...
    "Ive got to go" and poof - gone indeed she was. Didnt enjoy the rest of the concert at all, cuz i only kept pissin myself of wondering why the hell i didnt just get her phone number email adress or ANYTHING. I mean...c'mon, she was the only one who after three days of mud and sweat still smelled good.

    Anyway, i really really miss this girl cuz she was quite nice. Thus: any1 of you know a german blonde girl? Naah, kiddin', but thats really all i know about her...mostly im writing this for i hope that she will read it herself...or...well...i dont know what the hell i am upto really, i just very much wanna talk to her again, and i dont know where else to turn...

    Well, i end now, i suppose...
    If you hear any1 of your blonde bg fan friends talk about something similar just ask her to read this, ok?

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