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    lol. After listening to "From This Day" I cannot believe that there are still people out there who say Machine Head are metal. In my opinion, all the Machine Head songs I listened to suck, but this song tops it all. Okay, you said "forget about it", but in my opinion you cannot say that big great marvellous rocking asskicking hellfreezing MH is a metal band if you do not like one or two or three songs cuz there is too much HipHop in it.

    "From this day" is definately worse than Linkin Park before Jay-Z. And I would like to see the reactions here if Linkin Park were confirmed for Wacken. Even if they played only their first album, they would be much more metal than MH with "From this day"

    I don't need some jerk screaming "ye! ye! ye!" into the microphone. I am sure he is one of those hiphop bastards that hold the top of the "mic" deep in the palm of his hand. :rolleyes:

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