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    21. November 2005
    Brad Kava of The Mercury News spoke to Ozzfest
    promoter Sharon Osbourne by phone on Tuesday (February
    6) about the organizers' announcement that admission
    to the 25-city heavy metal tour will be free this

    Sponsors will pick up the tab for the tickets, bands
    will not be paid to perform and expenses will be
    covered from sales of food, drinks and merchandise.

    It will be the first national tour ever to do so.

    "We needed to change something and we didn't want to
    change the format," Osbourne said.

    "We were putting offers to all these bands we wanted
    to tour with and they were coming back to us with
    exorbitant prices that would have meant we had to put
    the ticket prices up, which I won't do. With Ozzy's
    audience being younger, they can't afford any higher

    Gary Bongiovanni, analyst with Pollstar, the concert
    industry trade magazine, said: "I don't think this
    will become a new business model, but it is a great
    marketing tool for them."

    "They want $300,000 plus to do an hour's work
    onstage," Sharon Osbourne said of some young bands.
    "I'm just not doing it. Last year nearly destroyed us,
    paying, paying, paying, and we just can't do it

    Tickets would be paid for and distributed by sponsors,
    such as Jägermeister, which will present acts at the
    second stage, located in amphitheater parking lots.

    Osbourne, 54, said she plans to upgrade the festival's
    midway atmosphere, losing the tattoo parlors and
    cheesy carnival games and replacing them with
    interactive booths sponsored by technology and video
    game companies.

    "There has to be another way to do it,'' she said. "If
    you get the sponsors that believe in you and you get
    new great cutting-edge bands that just want an
    audience, we'll give them the audience and we'll let
    everyone in free."

    Last year, though, she said, the fees earned by bands,
    including about $325,000 a show for the group SYSTEM
    OF A DOWN, almost sank the festival.

    "They're taking four years off, we paid them so much,
    and we're still working," she said. "I'm not doing
    that again."
  2. leigonX

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    17. Januar 2007
    That is a great idea. Have to see what bands will tour for free though
  3. catlash

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    21. November 2005
    sure some wil not but music is still based largely on reputation and Ozzfest and Sharon both have strong reputation so they will probably be able to pull some great acts at least. Not to mention all these great and famous names were once new and were unknown but even back then had great talent soeven some of the new up and comers could be great. For fans of those bands it could be a real 'history in the making/I saw them live way back when...' moment.
  4. metaldan

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    09. Februar 2007
    Alice In Chains is one of the rumours flying about...

    Although its certainly not a festival i would travel from the UK for.

    Download, Bloodstock, Wacken, Leeds, Damnation should suffice this year:)
  5. Dark_Visitor

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    12. Februar 2007
    ill be at ozzfest this year wether its here in toronto of if i have to travel to new york!!!
  6. Random_dude_667

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    07. Januar 2007
    If I lived nearby Id defo go I reckon, the Merchandise will be expensive as fuck though so they can still make some money

    I'll take Wacken, Leeds adn Aerosmith in Hyde Park thanx....

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