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W:O:A Metalhead
6 Juni 2009
When will the period of registration start, when will it end?
From 1.6.2010 to 15.6.2010.
There will be a message on the W:O:A homepage and in the Soccercup homepage before the start of the announcement.

What has to be taken into account at the registration?
Inform us about your team-leader who has a mobile-phone at which we can get through to him at the days of the tournament.
Please schedule, that to your games enough players of your team will be available.

When will the cup take place?
The Cup starts probably at 11am on Wednesday and we will play until 6:30pm that day.
There will be no games on Thursday.

Will there be a meeting before the soccercup?
Yes, there will be a meeting for all team captains at the soccercupfields 30 minutes before the Cup starts.
Also all teams have to be at the headquarter beside the soccerfield 30 min before their first game. If not, a team from the waiting list will take their place.

How many players can / must participate in a team?
A team must have at least 5 players.
Up to the same number of substitutes are allowed.

Are there any rates to pay?
No, as we now have our great sponsor the MetalTrain (http://www.metal-train.de/)!

Is there something to win / for whom?
The honour of the champion of course! ;-)
Yes, the first three teams will get prices.
There are cups for the first 3 teams. Also we will get medals and t-shirts for the winner.
Additional some surprises are planned.

How is the schedule-mode?
That depends on the numbers of teams. We will create the schedule at the beginning of July.
A team will at least play three games.

Are referees allowed to play in a team?
Yes, every referee is allowed to play in a team.
Of course we will take care about, that he doesn´t referee a game of its group.
If there are against our expectations any gross wrong decisions or if a referee penalise a team intensively, we will substitute him.

Are there any rules?
Have fun, have fun, have fun!!! Please take care of your health and the health of your opponent. Noone wants to be injured, or??
That means, have fun, don´t give the referee the possibility to whistle (and if he does – accept it – we are not in the champions-league, we are at a metal-festival. It´s more peaceful here!!!).
Play fair and once more: have fun!!
Other rules:
- 2 x 5 min takes a game, between is no break (just change of ends). After every game there is one minute to change teams.
- The teams have to get in touch with a member of the organization at least 5 min before kick-off (with his complete team).
- Goal line will be accounted for corner-kick or goal-kick. The side-line is the barrier. If the ball goes over the barrier there will be a roll-in at this point.
- Kicks to goalie are allowed.
- Goalie is allowed to play everywhere. To play with his hands is just allowed in his penalty-area.
- Goal-kicks are allowed from everywhere. Throw-in goals (with hands) will not count)
- Ball in out-area or injury-times will not be added to time.
- Free-kicks are generally indirect.
- Soccer-boots are allowed, but please avoid cleats voluntary. But we will not control your boots.
- The referee is allowed to give two-minute-disciplines to a player or send a player off the soccer-field. There will be no yellow or red cards.
- Replacements: flying splice

What happens, when a team appears too late to its game?
As the schedule is pretty close, we can´t afford to wait a long time for late teams.
Therefore we ask you for punctuality.
The schedule will be provided in sufficient time, so everybody will be able to prepare for his games.
If a team doesn´t appear anyway or is too late, the other team gets a goal credited for every completed two minutes.

What is forbidden?- Glass on the soccer-field. (consequentially)
- Please avoid cleats.
- Kicking, battling, discussing, beating or asocial behaviour in any way.

Is there a water-connexion close to the soccer-field this time?
There is a shower-camp close to the soccer-field. If there is no costless water available we will try to get costless water with a water-bucket from there.

Are there shower-marks?
Yes, 8 – 10 per team.

Is there free-beer?
Yes, one litre per player.

Is there something to bring along? / Can one help?
Unique coloured jerseys per team would be advantageous.

What happens by injuries?
As written in the closing point we can not give a guarantee about injuries, burglary or other worse things. The tents of the ambulance men are just 100-150m (south east) away of the soccerfield. Also you can find them at the maps, which you download at our main page. Also we will take care that there is a first-aid kit at the field and that ambulance men will have a look at us from time to time.

What about liability?
The organizers of the Soccercup (inclusive all helpers) and the WOA-team DON’T admit any liability for damage to property nor injuries nor anything similar. Everyone, who joins the cup in any way e.g. as player, game leader, spectator, cheer leader… is responsible for him-/herself and acts at one’s own risk.
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