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    28. März 2008
    I'd like to show you guys http://www.extreemmetaal.nl
    A Dutch metal ezine (never as great as Metalstorm, we know!), but we're going for it anyway! We recently had a new CMS installed, and thus we have to migrate all the content, so it looks kinda empty, but we have 300+ reviews on hold!

    But we also keep getting new promo's, and the pile is getting a bit too high! We consisted of a 6-men crew first, but 4 of the 6 couldn't bring up the time and effort to keep it going... But we will never stop, I'll keep going, even if it is just me!
    I just want to offer you guys the oppertunity to join us (immortal fame status inc.) and review those new cds, interview those bands and go to their shows!
    Go to Extreemmetaal.nl for information, or mail to: crew@extreemmetaal.nl directly!

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