Exclusive Van Canto show with special guests!

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    17. Dezember 2006
    The a cappella metal band Van Canto comes to Wacken – with some special guests! The exclusive party will happen at the last festival day on and in front of the party stage.

    The guests are: Tarja Turunen (Tarja, ex-Nightwish), Chris Boltendahl (Grave Digger), André Matos (Angra), Victor Smolski...

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    22. Oktober 2013

    I'm really disappointed with the last bands. We were waiting an impact announcement and the management of WOA gives us tributes, folk, celtic or cappella... I'm sorry but we expected more metal. And I'm not only talking about headliners, I'm talking about medium bands that can contribute to the festival with different styles.

    I hope the management is hidding a big surprise but now I'm starting to doubt it. Maybe the rest of the announcements are in the same line.

    My dream: Black Sabbath. But, as I said, the headliner will not satisfy all of us. Maybe it's better medium bands: Black Label Society, PowerWolf, Before The Dawn, DarkSeed, Virgin Steele, Rage, Primal Fear, Anathema, Unrest, Moonspell, DeathStars... You know, there are a lot of options.

    Am I the only with this point of view? Am I wrong?
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    19. Juli 2004
    Expecting a major major etc headliner? You are. Sorry to hear to say this.

    The program itself? I reckon there are some decent names in it. King Diamond as headliner? I didn't think much of it last year at the Rock hard, but he convinced me! I'm happy to see him again. Megadeth? Wait and see. Mustaine is like a weather forecast. You never know what you are going to get.
    But I look e.g. forward to seeing Onkel Tom, Sodom Amon Amarth, Hammerfall etc. And some funny acts, as some may see them, such as Excremementory Grindfuckers, Knorkator. So I have all I need.
    Taste, after all, is a subjective thing.
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    07. August 2006
    the price is really reasonable. onkel tom, sodom, amon amarth etc. compared to other festivals in this price category, it would cost much much more. so everyone should be happy able to see this bands at wacken, it´s much better than other festivals for 50 euro with just amon amarth as a headliner. or other open air that are for free (with iced earth, insomnium,sodom and a bunch of other bands i.e.). so there´s nothing to argue about, it´s just the fault of the fans, that they are not happy with the actual billing. :o
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