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26 Nov. 2007

The german metal band EVOLUTION was founded in 2001. All musicians played in several undergorund-bands before. So they all had enough musical experience. The five musicians began to write some songs and played their first gigs together.

In 2002 they decided to start the pre-recording-sessions for their first longplayer "Dark Dreams Of Light" together with the well known producer Gerhard "Gerassi" Magin (u.a. THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, CREMATORY and many more). The cooperation was amazing. Therefore they could finish the final recording in autumn of 2002.

The reactions of the fans and the press was gigantic, so that EVOLUTION could sign a distribution contract in 2003 with the small company "Point Music". EVOLUTION sold over 2000 copies of their first album "Dark Dreams Of Light" on their homepage and in cooperation with "Point Music" - without the normally necessary promotion! So it was no surprise, that the band could play a lot of concerts from 2003 until 2006 with bands like TESTAMENT, ANNIHILATOR, DORO PESCH, DESTRUCTION, ATROCITY, LEAVES EYES, MYSTIC CIRCLE and many more. Also they played a short tour with CREMATORY every year and conquered al lot of famous clubs in Germany. But the highlight of all shows was undoubtedly touring two weeks through Europe with the bands OVERKILL and SEVEN WITCHES. During this tour EVOLUTION have proofed, that they can delight not only the german people!

Over the months EVOLUTION also saved ideas for new songs. So it was easy to finish the recordings for the current record "Welcome To War" together with Gerhard Magin in 2006. The band has made a progress and sounds grownup on "Welcome To War". So the first record "Dark Dreams Of Light" was caped by far.

In the beginning of 2007 the members Tosse Basler, Thomas Herrmann and Ritchie Gonzalez decided to leave the band. Now EVOLUTION are full of new power and are looking forward with pleasure for further concerts, touring and recordings.

On their homepage you can download the first two longplayers plus one bonus track as well as the latest songs directly from the bandroom for free. Just visit the caption MUSIC.
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