Eventim Ticket Question?

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17 Apr. 2010

I'm from the UK and am new to the forums. I purchased my Wacken ticket in the new year and it will be my first time at Wacken this year, i am beyond excited!

One question i have if any one could awnser is that the content on the Eventim ticket that i have looks a little different to the Metaltix ones. Maybe i'm being paranoid, but there is only one type of ticket for the festival right? Just on the Eventim ticket is says open Thursday 5th August at 17:00 Urh, when the other tickets i've seen say 'ALL IN ticket' and don't mention a time. I thought ALL IN was the case for all tickets purchased for Wacken. I'm just a little confused and if any one could clear it up for me i'd really appreciate it! I'm pretty new to this ticket stuff and nw hope i have the correct tickets. I would have got my tickets from Metaltix in the first place but they wouldn't accept my card, so went to Eventim.

I'm sure everything is fine but just wanted to check with you forum folk :)


W:O:A Metalhead
16 Nov. 2005
The ticket on eventim.de is the same ALL-IN ticket like that one on metaltix.de
The only difference is that it's not a so-called "hard-ticket" like on metaltix.de, it's only printed on the blank-tickets of eventim.
The conditions are the same.
You can also change your eventim-ticket into an original hard-ticket when you arrived in Wacken.
17 Apr. 2010
Thank you for the reply Shisha-Schubi, and so quick too!

I really appreciate the info and it has now cleared it up for me :)