Einsprachige Programmhefte

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    13. April 2002
    In WOA there are thousands of metalheads coming from non-german speaking countries. Any place, anytime, I heard people talking in english, spanish, italian (quite a lot this year!), french, and many more languages I'm not able to distinguish.

    And now my question:

    Why are the "Programmhefte" available only in German?

    And here is my suggestion: with the money you've saved by bringing unsigned bands to the WET Stage (instead of bands like Eisregen, Rotting Christ or Ancient Rites, as in last WOAs) you could pay a translator Deutsch-->English for WOA 2005. And considering that many more people would buy the Programm, it wouldn't be a waste of money.

    And by the way, WOA was cool this year (wie immer! :))

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