Drinkable water and water supply points at W:O:A 2014

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    Dear Metalheads,

    the weather forecast for the next week is promising sunny weather and warm temperatures. At this point we want to inform you about all the possibilities to get fresh drinkable water on the festival ground.

    A proper solution for this task are the new foldable drinking bottles...

  2. Quark

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    19. Juli 2004
    I'd appreciate it if the price of water at the booze selling points, can be set to a maximum price! €5 is expensive enough as it is with hot weather!
    The organisation can and should enforce it to its concession holders.
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    30. April 2014
    According to German purity law...

    Well the free water at the wash areas should be safe and drinkable according to the guy at Wacken Info Office said earlier!

    And yes I agree, why the hell should they be selling water for more money than the same amount of bier?

    We have this problem big time in the UK, vendors ripping us off... it is why I have given up going to anything in the UK since Alexandra Palace Slayer Reign In Blood 25 show!


    My son is asthmatic and must keep his hydration to high levels and they already will not allow Camelback water-rucksacs in the Infield. But he can walk around with a 40cl plastic cup!

    They list this Verbot in the 'security' section of the ABC's, what is he going to do, throw a floppy bag of water at someone?!!!


    I have even more worry for my boy's safety now, but no worries, if he gets too hot I will stick his head under the washtap!

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