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    DoomSword are one of my favourite bands. They play Doom Metal that is also epic. And it always has a firm grounding in actual historical events.

    It's the sort of band that is driven by passion, not commercial considerations. So they only release albums every five years or so. The singer really believes in this project, in other words he has something to say. In the first album, he wasn't even the main singer, so that says something about his dedication.

    The vast majority of DoomSword material is about dying with sword in hand, but there is also a lot said about emotion, and sometimes even politics. It is the perfect band for me, because it is well crafted music that hearks back to something else, and this gives it a depth. It usual to listen to a DoomSword song and then think "I feel like I want to know more about that".

    Chances of seeing this band at Wacken? Probably zero.

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