Dont bring skulls through x-ray machines!!

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    muahahahahahahah harr harr harr.....
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    LOL... thats a cool story....
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    I know security in airports have to be strict but myself & my mates were heading through Dublin airport on our way to Dynamo 1999 festival,we were in good spirits & a bit drunk as we checked in. Every time one of my mates walked through the metal detector the f-u-c-king thing beeped,there was 15 of us in total so the security guy was getting real pissed off,we were all laughing and making light of the situation when the guard got real annoyed & wouldnt let us go through to departures to catch our plane,he radioed for back up & held us there until 5 mins before the gates closed....what an @!#$,hehe.

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