Dong Open Air 2012. Motto unknown

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Der Beste
19 Juli 2004
Best, Nederland. Jetzt Belgien

Since Cola didn't make a thread here, it'll be me then.

Cheers guys!

PS. The motto is:"Gnodzilla . King of the Monsters"
Unfortunately, I cannot change the title any more. So you'll have to live with it. :p

This is #5 of our line-up updates, and we proudly present to you Knorkator! The band who got famous playing feel-good songs like "Weg nach unten", ("The Way Down") "Alles ist scheiße" ("Everything's shit") and "Wir werden alle sterben" ("We're all gonna die") will present their first album since their reunion during a happy hour at the Dong hill!

Additionally, we'll have the local heroes from Path of Golconda and the Munich-based rockers from Black Blitz. Last but not least, we'd like to introduce you to the melodic death band Davidian and the fresher alternative/nu metal sound of Cyrcus.


Keep in mind that we'll start our ticket sale on Sunday, the 26th of Feburary at 12 noon. The tickets for our 3-day festival featuring Sepultura, Rage, Korkator, Napalm Death, Armored Saint, Suidakra and twenty more bands plus an after show party are going to cost you €39.90 including parking and camping - the same price as last year! You can redeem the trash deposit of 5€ by returning a full trash bag. Just like in the past years, you can already buy your beer vouchers with your ticket so you're ready to go once you get up that hill. You can also get a first (or second) impression of the bands that are going to perform live on our stage by going to the D.O.A. 2012 section on Considering how quickly we sold out during the past years, please make sure you get your ticket on said Sunday, so you won't miss out.


Be there with us,

Your Dong Team
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