Dong Open Air 09: Für eine Handvoll Kühe - on July 17 & 18

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W:O:A Metalmaster
13 Apr. 2003
nich mehr Münster :(
Second Band-Package

Here’s a few additions to the ninth Dong Open Air line up:

Amorphis, the top class Finnish metal band, releasing their new studio album this spring, are going to share the stage with these bands:

Failed Perfection are a young band from the Ruhr Area, showing openly that their idols are to be found in the Gothenburg sound. You’re a fan of Dark Tranquillity? You’ll dig them!

Hatred from Schweinfurt celebrate great Old Skool Thrash Metal and have rocked multiple big festivals. They will not only stop by at the Dong, but also play the Dubai Desert Rock!

Next up are Interrobäng. Finest Power Metal from Münster played by a band including parts of the Dong organization team! Roland is looking forward to be in the first band to rock Dong #9!

If you like some decent Thrash Metal, check out Kingdom of Salvation from Leverkusen who have been faithful guests at the festival for seven years! We couldn’t be happier to have the guys with the beer crate radio get on our stage!

Last but not least for this week, we got the power metal band 7 Seals from Paderborn. Just until recently Ross of Van Canto took active part in the band. We can be assured: The Dong virus was transmitted. :)

Find more detailed info and listening samples on our line up site.

You’ll have to wait another week until we supply you with fresh news! Half the line up as well as two headlining positions are still to be announced…

Your Dong Team