Did anyone see my tent???

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    Hej buddies,
    Did anyone see my tent i pitched it on the wednesday B4 the gig,went for a drink & couldnt find it again so i had to sleep in the wet stage tent 4 the entire weekend & some other Irish bloke kept me awake doing an Irish jig on the stage,haha, Jedifart i believe.
    Deadly weekend or what,what happened to Archenemy,i went to see them in the wet stage tent and they didnt play or did they???
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    Downer i didnt know that, i was kinda pissed off that i missed them because i really wanted to see, Arch enemy,Dimmu Borgir & Sodom but i was jet-lagged & drunk & was asleep for the latter bands, crappy or what!!!!
    It kinda sucks ass that they have bands on so late at night,i mean ya get up around 10a.m (maybe),you drink all fucking day & by 2a.m you are so fucking tired ya can hardly see let alone stand in a feild head bangin to yer fav bands,pity the festival wasnt over three dayz,ah well.

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