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  1. Metalhead of switzerland

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    22. November 2006
    Aloah allerseits.;)

    Ich habe gerade einen etwas "spezielleren" Songtext fertiggestellt und da mir gerade langweilig ist wollte ich mal nachfragen, was ihr für einen (tieferen) Sinn daraus ziehen würdet.

    Und hier ist er (Ohne Rechtschreibkorrektur):

    Welcome to Bavaria,
    where you have to march through a wood full of wild rapists,
    but don't fret brave sir robin because red ridding hood is hear to protect you,
    so always look on the bright side
    while I care about something completly different.
    Because I am out to save a lumberjack who isn't okay
    since his little girl is as heavy as a duck
    and aborted the parot who is dead

    so now they are out to get her, burn her, stone her
    because they said: every sperm is sacred, even the seed of a parot with a carrot nose.
    So I fly over there with my hovercraft full of eels which is even faster than an african swallow

    As I reached them she screamed „help, I am being repressed!“
    I asked her what her favourite colour was, she said red, therefore I turned her enemys into blood red chunks with a holy grenade

    After I saved her I asked her for her liver but she denied my request saying „ but what did you ever do for me besides bringing me peace?“
    So I only took her grail to which she responded in quite an affirmative manner.
    I think she would really like it in Bavaria, yes in Bavaria, where the rapists never wear condoms.

    While I took her grail she screamed out „Yehova“ full of joy, that's why I had to feed her to a bunny. No great loss, her beard was disturbing anyway,
    even if beholding her sily walk was quite entertaining.

    So in the end my actions where non-sense, no matter of life, which is somehow a little fishy, fishy
    but I couldn't care any less,
    my brain, it just hurts.

    Und ja, der Text hat tatsächlich einen tieferen Sinn.:o
  2. FromTheToedden

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    15. Mai 2007
    => because red ridding hood is hear to protect you,

    => because red ridding hood is here to protect you,

    Oder ?

    p.s: Monty Python :cool:

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