Deathfeast 2019

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W:O:A Metalmaster
15 Dez. 2003
Hanau / Hessen
Website besuchen
Das Deathfeast hat die ersten Bands rausgehauen und es kann sich wieder sehen lassen.
Hier einfach mal der komplette Text aus FB:

Booooom here we are!

We wanna present you the first 12 Bands of the Deathfeast Open Air 2019 billing. Sit down, get a coffee and read on.

Our first announcement is a long awaited reunion. Straight down from New Jersey ready to smash the deathfeast stage. Back in 2008 they brought us already a lot of slams, but this time they are ready to kill. Expect moshpits like fights in Lord of the rings! After long talkings and a lot of "how can we manage this?", we did it and are proud to bring you: Waking the Cadaver Official from USA!

Our second band is rare to spot. Sweden got cold and long winter and this band will bring this cold and mercyless mix of goregrind and grindcore to Andernach. Are your ready to dance? Because this band got a dancing guarantee. Leave your toilet brushes at home and take your pathological instruments with you.
Welcome: General Surgery from Sweden!

You want slam? You get slam! Our next announcement is more slam than some of you can endure. A slamtrain that never stops and never disappoints. They already smashed our stage ones, but now they will perform also new songs and we are glad that they swing the slam hammer again.
Welcome: Extermination Dismemberment from Belarus!

You like it technically? You like it dark? You like it brutal? We got something for you. Maltas finest Brutal Death Metal band is flying by to show you how hard this island can punch. Groove combined with finest technical riffing, the right combination for the pit.
Welcome: Abysmal Torment from Malta!

Do I hear "more slams... more slam"? Ok, calm down. A Slamdozer is waiting for you. New Cd, new tones, nothing more to say... except for one forecast: a total madness is waiting for you! Where these guys slam, there is no life anymore. Are you ready for this destruction? We are!
Welcome: Korpse from the Netherlands!

Fast, uncompromising, destroying. The next announcement is the right act to stop the slamtrain and to show how brutal death metal kills it with unrelenting guitar riffs, dark atmospheres, intense blasting and ultra-guttural vocals.
Welcome: DEVANGELIC from Italy!

We had the chance to book one of indonesias biggest Death Metal Band. These guys know how to groove and to blast. Growing up in the Mekka of Death Metal gives you the ability to write heavy riffs and brutal drumbeats. Be ready for a big party with indonesias finest.
Welcome: Deadsquad from Indonesia!

You need some more Partygrind? We got it. The next act played on every stage in Europe and they are killing it every time. Bring your confetti and start the circle pit. Don't forget your beer and your stepdance shoes!
Welcome: Serrabulho from Portugal!

The next announcement is coming down the way from slovakia. Ready and thirsty for the stage. They will bring you a lot of slams and grooves! Everybody who is not joining the circle pit will be missing a big party.
Welcome: CRANIOTOMY from Slovakia!

The next guys are probably older than 80% of you guys, but they still know how to kill it on stage. Lukas played already shows with them back in 2001. Old school death grind like it has to be. No mercy and no prisoners.
Welcome: Gorezone from Germany!

We think that we need some more old school groove Death Metal. And we got the right band for this! They will give you a slowed down punch in the face. Their riffing is swedish-influenced and the vocals bring the right gutturals and growls.
Welcome: Supreme Carnage from Germany!

Last but not least! You know them, you slamed to them and you will do it again! With slamming riffs and a highly varying touch on the drumming, these guys know how to start a pit. And you will see, after maximum one song, you will see a lot of movement!
Welcome: Chordotomy from Germany!

More bands will be announced soon, so stayed tuned for our headliners and other killing bands.


Support the Underground and the most brutal Festival in Europe!

Chordotomy, Supreme Carnage, Craniotomy, Serrabulho, Korpse, Extermination Dismemberment, General Surgery und Waking the Cadaver sind für mich eigentlich schon Must Sees.
Ma sehen was noch kommt und hoffentlich klappt es bei mir Urlaubstechnisch :)
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