Computer and tickets stolen! HELP!

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  1. munk

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    02. August 2012
    I accidentally forgot my bag (huge anarchy-symbol, black, a lot of buttons, can by recognised by the word "MUNK" on the inside) containing my laptop, 4 WOA tickets, and a Wacken WC reservation with my address on it at a highway-burgerking near Kassel at the A7 heading Wacken.
    I called the burgerking already, they didn't find anything :( Besides being desperate about where to get the money for a new laptop I still have a very small hope: If one of you found the bag and still has it or gave it to e.g. the police, PLEASE contact me! If you help me to get my bag and laptop back, I will be happy to pay a finder's fee in the higher three-digit euro range!

    Also, please help spreading this post. I really need my computer for studying starting this october.

    Thank you fo helping! If any community do this, it's this one!
    \m/ Munk
  2. agresionpower

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    22. Juni 2005
    good luck with it mate, though I think it'll be really hard to find your stuff back :(

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