Colour Haze

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Colour Haze

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  1. jnpxrasbehz

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    Colour Haze is a stoner/psychedelic rock group from Munich, Germany[0]

    Colour Haze Born within the years 1968 1974 some of the musicians played much in bands before, some less, some lived on making music. Contemporary Record Store Section: Heavy Psychedelic. Colour Haze are a modern Psychedelic (in the words sense) Heavy Rock Three Piece, in the tradition of classic Rock-Trios as Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience or Grand Funk Railroad. Founded sometime in the last century, the current line-up formed in May 1999. Since then some records have been made and a lot of following was gained.[1]

    Emerging from a sound heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad on their first records, they moved away from a heavy to a more melodic sound, e.g. on their album All (2008), as remarked by Denmark's LowCut webzine.[0]

    Have a listen on

    And then, decide if you'd like to hear and see them in Wacken 2017 :)

    I'm sure, I would like to! ;)


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