CELESTIA, the Spanish Metal-Opera

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    Hi, metalheads!

    We present "CELESTIA", a magic Metal-Opera composed by Fernando Broseta (vocalist of PROMETHEOS) with guest stars from Spanish heavy-metal bands: Javier Nula (OPERA MAGNA), Pablo Solano (DRAGONFLY), Ángel Santamaría (ARKANIA) Vicente Feijoo (ZARPA), Toni Barona (AGADON), Laura Martinez (SHADOWS THEORY), Ángel Belinchón (DRY RIVER) ... and many more. A cast you've never seen before.

    CELESTIA tells the story about an imaginary reality where the oppressed found the meaning of his life working for a few ones. A world of inequality and dogma.

    CELESTIA is made for symphonic and progressive metal fans. An album developed in three acts that will be gradually published

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