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  1. ozzyzak

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    27. März 2004
    Hello there,
    Me and my girlfriend are coming from the US and we need to know some things about camping in Wacken. It says we are to camp next to our vehicle but we are coming in by train most likely so where are we supposed to camp? I assume we are going to need to bring our own tent am I right? Sorry if this has been answered but I don't speak German :D

    Thanks and can't wait for WACKEN!
  2. Wacken-Martin

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    26. November 2002
    Hi ozzyzak,
    we also have an english site :D
    Of course you can camp in Wacken - your ticket includes the camping fee and if you want to camp near a car you´ll find one there ;)
    To bring your own tent to Wacken isn´t necessary because you´ve got the possibility to buy a tent in Wacken. If there won´t be enpugh tents - there is a small town called Itzehoe near Wacken where you can buy one.

    Hope that I help you and don´t worry. In Wacken is english the most spoke language :D

    See you in Wacken!!

    Bye, Martin

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