CADAVER DISPOSAL | German Death Metal

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    Good news everyone... German Death Metallers CADAVER DISPOSAL's new album 'May All Be Dead' is out NOW!

    This masterpiece of a debut album kicks you right back to the early 90s and knocks you down like a bulldozer takes down a brickwall! Lyrically, the debut deals with the non-fictional concept of modern warfare: Narrated from the point of view of a Desert Storm veteran who has to fight his personal mental war after a killing spree mission. The production took place between summer and winter 2012 at AMP Studio, engineered by Jens Förster and Marcus Ziemer. The cover was designed by Marcelo Vasco (SUFFOCATION, MALEVOLENT CREATION, DIMMU BORGIR). Get ready and go to war!

    To listen to Cadaver Disposal please visit their FB:

    You can order the album here: DISPOSAL - MAY ALL BE DEAD -sls DIGI CD.html


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