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    15. März 2019
    Hi, This is going to be my first Wacken! All the way from South Africa. I am busying booking my flights / transport etc.

    I see there is the partner bus shuttle directly to Wacken from Hamburg airport - Mondial events

    My question is how long is a bus trip from Hamburg to Wacken? 2hours?
    Is it better to arrive at Wacken Tuesday / Wednesday? ..... On wednesday the bus starts from 10:30 am... which means the arrival time would be around 1pm on the wednesday. I do not wanna miss any of the bands, the wednesday is the battle bands right? Anyone know what time these usually start?

    I'm assuming the better option is to take the bus on the Tuesday to play it safe?

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    19. Juli 2004
    Ek weet nie hoe laat jy kan aankom nie. Maar als jy met die pendelbus mee ry will, sal ergens 'n skema staan.
    Anders is die trein 'n oplossing.

    Die beste aanloms is Maandag of Dinsdag. Hoewel Woensdag ook nog goed is.

    I don't know when you can arrive. But if you want to take a shuttle bus, a timetable will most likely be available.
    Otherwise the train is an option.

    The best day of arrival is probably Monday or Tuesday, but Wednesday isn't that bad either.
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    21. Juli 2007
    hey with car you need around 1 hour from airport to holy ground, with bus maybe 20 mins more, about timetable i dont know, to drive with taxi could also an option. i think the price is fixed by 100€ ( get me right if i am wrong) if you find 3 others maybe you can drive together than the price could an option. the bands on wendsday start around 11-12 am. think about when you there first move to ground build up your tent, move around to the tent where the bands play, before get your wristband. it is better for you to arrive on thuesday oder monday. one day free with party meet new people go around area could also be nice if your first time there.

    feel free to ask further questions

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