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    Then why don't you just go to Graspop if the line-up is that much better? Why is it disappointing? No band playing you like? well, then go somewhere else, where those bands are playing. Where's the problem?

    What are better bands? what is 'better' anyway? Taste is always subjective. I like the line-up. In my opinion it's one of the best actually. And guess what? Lots of people agree with me. But I bet you will tell me now that my taste and the tastes of other people are shit, right?

    Obviously you are. I don't like them either, but Within Temptation is 1(!!!) band out of 60. There are still almost 20 bands to come and who knows? Maybe even some surprises.

    This complaining about the line-up is oh so predictable. it's the same every year. And there will be even more complaining later on when the running order is fixed. 'Why is band x playing in slot a and not later? How can you put band y in slot b?...bla bla bla'

    If this year's Wacken is oh so disappointing for you guys, why don't you just leave it? You like festival xyz better? Great. Go there then. Who forces you to join a festival you don't like? Noone!

    Sorry, I might sound harsh, but this whining is really nerv-racking meanwhile. Next time, wait till the line-up is complete and THEN decide if you wanna join a festival or not. Is it that difficult?

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