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    did anyone take bootlegs from some of the wacen gigs? i desperately want them...

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    the guy standing beside me while Saxon played took some - not only of Saxon - also of Grave Digger and other bands.

    small, italian type, with a small micro and many tapes.... and no watch (he really asked me what time it was because he never knew, when to turn the tabes - hehe)

    but no idea where you can find him...
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    during saxon i was standing next to some italian/spanish/portugese guys... and they also asked the time...
    hope they visit this site sometime :-
    were you on front row, a bit to the left of the stage?
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    well i havent really paid any atention to them when the gig started anymore. one of htem was standing next to me for a while, he was wearing small glasses and had curly hair... i dont really remember the rest of them guys...
    well, i surely hope they made many bootlegs and post something here sometime.

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