Boo.Hoo.Hoo. Tickets?

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    31. Dezember 2008
    Greets to all.

    Seems as though I left my purchasing of a ticket a little bit too late, and have subsequently missed out. I'm coming from Australia in June, and had been adament on witnessing what I would personally classify as "heaven". This being W.O.A. Anywho, obviously tickets are now gone, and my endeavours to get myself a ticket are somewhat more nullified.

    So, needless to say, if anybody has a spare one ticket floating around, I'm willing to pay large dollars.

    That is all, really. My chances are pretty slim, but hey. No harm in trying. When I found out that tickets had sold out, I believe my soul to have been crushed. The end.

    My email is if anybody needs to offload a ticket to a sad, little Australian metal head lady.

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