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    RETROSPECT (thai)

    Formation Date : November 06, 2000
    Record Label : genie records / GMM GRAMMY
    Label Type : Major Label
    Band Members : Nappa , Not , Bom , Birth
    Sounds Like : Rock / Metal Core
    Hometown : Genie Records 33fl. GMM PLACE
    Country : Thailand

    Retrospect is a new rock band; it presents a mixture of high power and strong metal music and beautifully sweet emo. It took them 7 years on the road.

    In 2001 four kids, Big, Bom, Knot, and Knap teamed up a rock band played industrial metal rock music, a mix of Death metal and Thrash metal which is quite heavy, raw, and rough. They started playing for small parties, later on had a new member to play drum whilst Big went abroad to further his education, the Retrospect is still a 4-member rock band.

    In 2003 the first E.P. “For Your Ears Only” was released for 150 copies only. All 5 new songs were written, arranged, produced, and played on fresh recording in the studio by all of them; they even designed the screen print, and the cover of CD by themselves. It was first released at the Territory Metal Fest, there they met the Bikini band, and this is the start of the Scream lab. Later on Scream lab was established by a collaboration of 4 rock bands which are Retrospect, Bikini, HouseTrap, and Sweet Mullet.

    By the end of 2003 Retrospect was invited to play at the Fat Festival 2, they introduced their second E.P. “For Your Ears Anytime” which was the first E.P. plus a bonus track. They sell this E.P. while touring along. Finally there is a label record company offer to sign a contract with them on a condition that they should perform less heavy, and aggressive. Of course, they do not want to lose their music identity, so they keep walking on their own way till they found their idol label, Genie Records. They made a demo, and sent to genie records under GMM Grammy.

    In 2004 Retrospect signed a contract with Genie Records, and released a single “Mai Mee Tur” (Without you) on the collaboration work album “Showroom Vol.1”. Lots of their fans love the single, so the song made them well known and becomes their signature; their fans ‘Retrorians’ waiting for their full album. Whilst preparing work for the full album, Retrospect got chances to play the opening act for concerts of The Body Slam, and The Big Ass.

    In 2007 a full album “Retrospect Unleashed” was released, with a commercial slogan “No more waiting”. This album included the very famous song of Retrospect on track 10 “Mai Mee Tur” as a bonus track. The first single is “Ploi Chun”, and the next one is “Praw Wah Ruk”; the other tracks are nice songs as well. A few months later, they had their big concert, it’s their first own concert; lots of Retrorians attended and of course they did pit circle, moshing, and body surf in the concert as usual.

    One of the most important keys to their success is the Fan Club called " Retrorians ", who always provide the non-stop superb support and great dedication to their beloved band at all times.


    [​IMG] Retrospect (Thailand) the first w:o:a
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