Best Place(s) in Hamburg?

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  1. smf4ever

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    12. August 2016
    Ok....someone is in from out of town and has a day and or night in Hamburg.

    Best Bar or club to check out?
    Best any other locations (Food, drink, heck.. even best "place" on the Reeperbahn to see) ?
  2. Doc Rock

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    27. Januar 2011
    Nightlight at Hans-Albers-Platz, Reeperbahn, is where it's at. We will be there the night from Sunday to Monday before Wacken. As will basically everyone else who is already in town and going to Wacken the next day.
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  3. CylonKing

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    19. Dezember 2017
    Got to agree, Night Light is the place to be before and after Wacken (last year they opened on the Sunday after as well. We're hoping they do the same as we'll be in Hamburg that night before moving on).

    There is also Grotte Rockbar right around the corner from Night Light, down the stairs into a small place that plays Rock\Metal.

    For food, I would recommend Hofbräu if you're after traditional, German fare. Really good beer as well. 30 minute walk from the Reeperbahn area or a short U-Bahn ride away.
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  4. Young BZ

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    12. August 2019
    The place I went to for food and drink that was really good was Gröninger Privatbrauerei Hamburg. A brewery that sold 2 beers when I was there and also had a buffet with roast beef, meat loaf and roast pork that was delicious and a menu with even more options. I got a good meal and lots of beer for 20 euros each time which to me is a good deal. I went here for my first real after Wacken meal.

    Miniatur Wunderland was pretty cool. I'll probably go back on a future trip as there's a lot to see in there and I likely missed quite a bit. Try to reserve your time in advanced though or you end up waiting. but i did end up meeting Wackeneers this way.
    Near here the Elbphil is a beautiful looking building that's apparently the modern concert hall in Hamburg. You can go in free and get a beautiful view and grab a beer.

    Other then that I walked around and fucked around by the harbour. Next time I'm gonna go on a cruise. Let me know if I gave you any other ideas. I know it's not much but I did all this the day after Wacken and was pretty tired and burnt out.
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