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    British Metalers Beholder are back in control – please take a moment to see why the highly acclaimed tour de force are the band to look out for in 2011.

    The last month or so, since the recent UK Tour, has seen Beholder face a challenge and in true Beholder style we’ve overcome this hurdle and smashed into an exciting new phase in the bands future.

    Truth is we’ve walked away from Lime Records after 2 years, simply because we feel that in order to get the best from what has been hailed a return to form for British Metal – then we need to work with a more proactive and understanding label. We’re not going to spend time and energy pointing fingers and naming names, because if honest, we’re glad to be moving on and finally have back the control of what is a killer album. But don’t just take our word….

    "Well worth checking out – Fine Chunky Stuff!” BRUCE DICKINSON
    "Standard Bearers of Britain’s Traditional Metal Renaissance" METAL HAMMER
    "Fresh, Unfettered, Untainted Metal that comes from the Soul" CLASSIC ROCK
    "Fist-sized slice of Metal Greatness!" SUBBA CULTURE
    "A Huge Reputation in the making" ROCKSOUND
    "Good to see Blighty is still pumping out Real Metal!" METAL TEAM UK
    "Sound, Strong metal album and it impresses to the very end!" POWERPLAY
    "This band is destined for great things." ANGEL OF METAL.COM

    We have been approached by a couple of larger labels and we’re in negotiations as we speak, but we really would need to feel confident in the labels support of Beholder for anything to materialize. Especially as we now see the benefits of control and that’s why we’ve set up our own label – Razorline Records.

    Using the following distribution points “The Awakening” will be Available both in digital and physical formats and available worldwide.

    Further to this we’ve had many fans asking that were release our initial EP “Unleash The Hell” – well we’ve finally got round to it and it can purchased at the following site. Recorded in 2008, Unleash was the first official EP from the band. The 6 Track EP was the stepping stone towards bringing out The Awakening and has until now been unavailable as no additional runs were set in place after it sold out at shows!!

    Razorline Records Ltd and Razorline Music Ltd has been set up by members of Beholder and in the long term we intend to look out for breaking metal bands and give them the backing they rightfully deserve. Razorline Music is already providing solutions for the Live Music Industry including Management, Agency, Vehicle Touring Service, Rehearsal Rooms, Tuition and so much more.


    2010 was a hectic year for Beholder, with UK Tours and European dates aplenty and a gut busting 19 shows in 23 days in September – there again 2011 has also started off pretty juicy with a hard hitting UK Tour which ended in a triumphant appearance at Hammerfest. All this while being major endorsers of Dean Guitars and the quality gear they have to offer !!

    While all this has been going on , we have always had one eye firmly focused on writing the follow up album, throwing ideas around and testing out new songs at shows - some of which you may well of heard.

    We are currently locked away in the rehearsal studio and now a set of new songs that are going to be recorded within the next couple of months, which will probably keep us from gigging during that period…..but we will gig when we get the chance. The new album is untitled as yet but the whole vibe of the album is increasingly based on furious riffs and melodic, yet darkening vocals. The new working song titles are listed below. Many more songs will be added over the coming months …..but not all will make the album!

    As Darkness Falls
    Mirror The Skies
    Toxic Nation
    Here I Stand
    Killing Machine
    Morphine Serenity

    For more info on the band and all the up to date studio reports then check out any of the following.

    Thanks for your continued support for all things Beholder - it means the world.

    Horns High.


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