bands checkout thread

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  1. berserkur

    berserkur W:O:A Metalhead

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    16. Dezember 2002
    ANCIENT RITES = pretty cool deathblackstuff, but I think I´ll miss them

    ANNIHILATOR= I´ll probably catch them. aaaahh always nice to hear good old thrash + they´ve got a new singer( once again) Waters kills

    ASSASSIN = can´t remember what this is

    BAI BANG = sounds like crap

    CALLENISH CIRCLE = really cool dutch deaththrash like their new stuff!

    CARPATHIAN FOREST = evoool norwegian black metal maybe will check for 5-10 min.

    CIRCLE II CIRCLE = Helloween side projekt or whatever, beer drinking instead and campsite berserking

    CRYPTIC WINTERMOON = couldn´t care less

    DARK AGE = haven´t checked them and will not, I need my rest for my favorites & gather strength for da crazinezz!

    DARK FUNERAL = very evoool black, might stroll by on my way to have beer or kebab

    DARKANE = now were talking ; swedish cyberthrash! it will be cosy in the wet stage!!!!!

    DEW -SCENTED = german deaththrash! mad as hell!!!!

    DIAMOND HEAD = some famous band covered their songs but is that enough for me to be there for them? old NWOBHM geezers

    DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER = cool, band but some xtracool band interferes with them Testament i think

    DISMEMBER = very brutal but i dunno depends on my mood...

    EIDOLON = it´s german and it´s gay; boooring

    EVIDENCE ONE = christian metal? naaahhh but fuckém

    EXTREME NOISE TERROR = i need my pause between coolness so I´ll skip them. not to familiar with'em either

    FREEDOM CALL = yet another cristian metool! naaa I might check them coz they're hilarious! ; german power gay truemetal :Þ

    GAMMA RAY = true power shit similar to Strato, play well, might look at them, my grandmother only knows

    GRAVEWORM= hmnm... female metal or do I recall wrong,,, ay wateffffer

    HEAVENSHALLBURN = seen'em thrice so I´ll skip them coz 2 cool bands are playing simultaneously

    HUMAN FORTRESS = he-man metool! or a band of former bodybuilders?

    IN FLAMES= I missed half their show in 2001 so this I will NOT miss, plus it´s in the darkness der Nacht ! !!!

    KATAKLYSM = very insane and yet melodic canadian deathmetal!! yeh baby

    LORDI = finnish party-zombie metal, might get bored after a few songs, would you love a monsterman???

    LOTTO KING KARL = please die Arschkriecher!

    MALEVOLENT CREATION = same time as Thyrfing: FUCK! but I might catch the end of them

    MASTERPLAN = german- norwegian gay power projekt...or somthing like that

    METALIUM = german power gayness in all it´s glory

    NILE = one of the coolest deathmetal bands these days!!

    OBSCENITY = very brutal death, but I think I´ll miss them

    ONKEL TOM = beer thrash at it's best!!!!

    ORATORY =female sung, ok ,portuguese ay , but can´t see'em

    PRIMAL FEAR = enough of this power true shit!

    PSYCHOPUNCH =no idea, former boxers gone gaybondagemetal?

    RAGE = pretty cool melodic metal, might walk by

    RAISE HELL = hmmm.... yes you do that

    RAUNCHY = cool danish metalcore , but are playing at the same time as some ultramegaband

    ROTTING CHRIST = greek atmospheric blackdeath , very cool, will go see some of'em

    RUNNING WILD =piratemetal, listened to Jolly roger the other day and didn´t like it; crap siger

    SENTENCED = suicidal mellow metal, i like it very much!!

    SEVENTH ONE = 777 the number of the heaven! or *cough*

    SINISTER = they better be! german death with female member ay? dunno...
    SINNER = german powerstuff... yawn...

    SLAYER = uuuuu UYEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SOILWORK = missed them in 2001 , will be at the front, one of my favorite bands now!!!!

    SONATA ARCTICA = got their new CD for free, at first I didn´t like it but now I´m hooked on it !!
    very cheesy progpower Finnish metal, same time as Vader craaap; split them gigs into halves

    STRATOVARIUS= will catch 20 minutes after Darkane, they have they're moments but not really my style

    SUBWAY TO SALLY= weird folk metal , interesting and entertaining somtimes too awkward though hmmm... yes for a while

    SYMPHORCE = you fucking cunts! you don´t deserve playing at WOA! bring PAin of salvation instead( the band they stole lyrics from)

    TESTAMENT = ohhh yeah will be fun!!! Digiorgio on bass plus the old motherfuckers!

    THE CROWN = crazy technical sweish deathgrind!!!!! YEAH!!!

    THE QUILL = sounds like a not very metallic band...

    THYRFING = fuck yeah swedish viking brutality with keyboards and stuff!!!

    TWISTED SISTER = fuck.. don´t really dig them, if IE had played I would be 100% content with the line-up but now I´m 95%

    TWISTED TOWER DIRE = listened to a CD i got borrowed and it wasn´t that good

    V8 WANKERS= pornometal?

    VADER = cool polish death veterans !!!brutality vs cheesiness at the same time I´ll choose both!

    VICTIMS OF MADNESS = well you be that, I´ll be somewhere else...

    VICTORY = sounds awful, german hard rock veterans of Zteel or something
  2. dittohead

    dittohead W:O:A Metalmaster

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    04. Februar 2003
    dew scented HELLL YEAH!!!!! and the obvious slayer, testament, nile ,etc

    ancient rite look good, annihilator, dark funeral and darkane sound fuuucking cool!!
  3. Shadowtear

    Shadowtear W:O:A Metalmaster

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    21. Dezember 2001
    wow...*lol* took great pains :D
  4. PsychicVeteran

    PsychicVeteran W:O:A Metalmaster

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    04. April 2002
    My list:

    ANCIENT RITES = I´ll miss them deliberately

    ANNIHILATOR= I´ll probably catch them. aaaahh always nice to hear good old thrash - missed em at BYH - I'll take a look
    ASSASSIN = can´t remember what this is - old but don't know them

    BAI BANG = sounds like crap - agree



    CIRCLE II CIRCLE = I'll have a look - se what Zakk Stevens has to offer


    DARK AGE = see above

    DARK FUNERAL = No Thanx

    DARKANE = see above

    DEW -SCENTED = see above

    DIAMOND HEAD = Metallica covered one of their songs - old NWOBHM geezers - just what I want

    DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER = cool, should be fun

    DISMEMBER = nope

    EIDOLON = we'll see

    EVIDENCE ONE = see above


    FREEDOM CALL = we'll see

    GAMMA RAY = gonna have to see them :eek:

    GRAVEWORM= I'll sleep


    HUMAN FORTRESS = Not sure

    IN FLAMES= I'll give em a go - I dont mind the new album

    KATAKLYSM = Don't think so

    LORDI = finnish party-zombie metal, bored me before Nightwish, but you have to see the gear

    LOTTO KING KARL = Fuck off!

    MALEVOLENT CREATION = Black, but may go and see them again

    MASTERPLAN = Ex-Helloween, convinced me at BYH

    METALIUM = german power - - probably

    NILE = Nope

    OBSCENITY = Doubt it

    ONKEL TOM = Nope

    ORATORY = Dunno

    PRIMAL FEAR = more power true, OK

    PSYCHOPUNCH =no idea

    RAGE = have to really

    RAISE HELL = dunno

    RAUNCHY = Nope

    ROTTING CHRIST = See above

    RUNNING WILD = Not bothered

    SENTENCED = suicidal mellow metal, might give it a go

    SEVENTH ONE = dunno

    SINISTER = dunno...

    SINNER = german powerstuff - dunno

    SLAYER = Dunno

    SOILWORK = Nope



    SUBWAY TO SALLY= not sure

    SYMPHORCE = Nope

    TESTAMENT = Nope

    THE CROWN = Nope

    THE QUILL = ???

    THYRFING = Nope

    TWISTED SISTER = Parddddyyyyy


    V8 WANKERS= Nope

    VADER = Nope

    VICTIMS OF MADNESS = Forum Band, gotta go

    VICTORY = maybe
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  5. A Coming Curse

    A Coming Curse W:O:A Metalhead

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    11. Mai 2003
    a few things
    Masterplan = Very good power/thrash crossover... quite like Iced Earth... VERY FUCKING GOOD.

    Raise Hell = Thrash/Death crossover, fucking brilliant.... go to their website at for mp3's....

    Sinister = Only heard a few songs but they are very brutal death metal... kind of like a poor mans Arch Enemy.

    The Crown = Best way to describe them is comedy death metal... they have silly riffs yet they are very good....
  6. Zombi

    Zombi W:O:A Metalmaster

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    10. Januar 2002
    MY LIST -

    Sentenced - missed them in hamburg, gotta see them

    Dismember - duh...

    the rest i'll probably miss due to alcohol consumption...ehehehehe
  7. monochrom

    monochrom W:O:A Metalmaster

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    15. August 2002
    I wanna see Extreme Noise Terrór, Nile, Heavenshallburn and The Crown. And the rest depends on my mood and the alcohol.
  8. dittohead

    dittohead W:O:A Metalmaster

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    04. Februar 2003
    SLAYER!!! :D:D:D:D
  9. A Coming Curse

    A Coming Curse W:O:A Metalhead

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    11. Mai 2003
    Re: Re: bands checkout thread

    ANCIENT RITES = never heard em

    ANNIHILATOR= Good thrash band... i'll be watching....

    ASSASSIN = alright... may go see if nothing betters on.

    BAI BANG = not heard

    CALLENISH CIRCLE = not heard

    CARPATHIAN FOREST = Good band, probably see em.

    CIRCLE II CIRCLE = Heard they are shit... will see if there is nothing better to do


    DARK AGE = who?

    DARK FUNERAL = Wanna see these as well as maneovolant creation....

    DARKANE = Might do.....

    DEW -SCENTED = Good band... will be seeing these



    DISMEMBER = err

    EIDOLON = mebbe

    EVIDENCE ONE = no thanks

    EXTREME NOISE TERROR = probably will do...

    FREEDOM CALL = Wanna see these....


    GRAVEWORM= Never heard em but cool name


    HUMAN FORTRESS = same as graveworm

    IN FLAMES= Fuck yes! second only to Slayer as the band of the bill

    KATAKLYSM = lovely brutal death/grind goodness

    LORDI = not heard em

    LOTTO KING KARL = Monkey spaff

    MALEVOLENT CREATION = Good band... I wanna see em

    MASTERPLAN = fucking ace power/thrash... defo seeing em!

    METALIUM = never heard em

    NILE = Might see them... will help me get to sleep quickly :D

    OBSCENITY = who?

    ONKEL TOM = ditto

    ORATORY = Mebbe.. heard good things.

    PRIMAL FEAR = not heard em

    PSYCHOPUNCH = ditto

    RAGE = might do

    RAISE HELL = definately... possibly the most underrated band on the bill.

    RAUNCHY = yay! Finnish Strapping young lad :D

    ROTTING CHRIST = maybe

    RUNNING WILD = Pirate metal... arrrr! might do.

    SENTENCED = not heard em.

    SEVENTH ONE = nope.

    SINISTER = yep... a poor mans Arch enemy but still good....

    SINNER = not heard em

    SLAYER = do you really need to ask me this...... ANGEEELLL OFFF DEEEEAAATTTHHHHH!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

    SOILWORK = Oh yeah!!!! as long as they play steelbath suicide and a predators portrait material... not just natural born chaos and figure number five stuff.


    STRATOVARIUS= definately... the sing along band of WOA!!!!

    SUBWAY TO SALLY= no way hose.

    SYMPHORCE = who?


    THE CROWN = oh yeah!!! and they got their old vocalist back... CANT YOU SEE THAT DEATH DOES WANT ME!!!!!

    THE QUILL = the who?

    THYRFING = yep!

    TWISTED SISTER = well they are headlining so I guess I will have to see them... but as a replacement for Iced Earth??? c'mon, don't bullshit me!!!!


    V8 WANKERS= No

    VADER = yep.... hopefully they will play their insanely fast cover of Reign in blood

    VICTIMS OF MADNESS = Curosity will take me to them.

    VICTORY = no.
  10. dittohead

    dittohead W:O:A Metalmaster

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    04. Februar 2003
    Re: Re: Re: bands checkout thread

    ANCIENT RITES = fairly goood band :D
    ANNIHILATOR= only band ill see on thurs
    ASSASSIN = not heard of them...
    BAI BANG = hahah not heard of them...
    CALLENISH CIRCLE = not heard of them...
    CARPATHIAN FOREST = not heard of them...
    CIRCLE II CIRCLE = nahhh thurs night...
    CRYPTIC WINTERMOON = not heard of them...
    DARK AGE = not heard of them...
    DARK FUNERAL = ahh what playing at the same time??
    DARKANE = depends if im awake
    DEW -SCENTED = FUUUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! second or third in line to take slayer reign on thrash
    DIAMOND HEAD = not heard of them...not keen on heavy.power metal
    DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER = hahahahah not again..i aint visiting that place of boredom again
    DISMEMBER = not heard of them...ppl say there good........
    EIDOLON = not heard of them...
    EVIDENCE ONE = not heard of them...
    EXTREME NOISE TERROR = not heard of them...
    FREEDOM CALL = not heard of them...
    GAMMA RAY = not heard of them...power metal??
    GRAVEWORM= not heard of them...
    HEAVENSHALLBURN = not heard of them...
    HUMAN FORTRESS = not heard of them...
    IN FLAMES= ohh yeah
    KATAKLYSM = brutal death, eh??
    LORDI = might do...heaard there funny
    LOTTO KING KARL = haha piss off
    MALEVOLENT CREATION = yeah probably will
    MASTERPLAN = not heard of them...
    METALIUM = not heard of them...
    NILE = fuuuuuck yeah!! me mate says there london gig was better than slayer:eek: :p
    OBSCENITY = not heard of them...
    ONKEL TOM = not heard of them...
    ORATORY = not heard of them...
    PRIMAL FEAR = might do
    PSYCHOPUNCH = not heard of them...
    RAGE = not heard of them...
    RAISE HELL = not heard of them...
    RAUNCHY = not heard of them...might do
    ROTTING CHRIST = maaybe
    RUNNING WILD = thursday night?? drinking night ;)
    SENTENCED = not heard of them...
    SEVENTH ONE = not heard of them...
    SINISTER = might do
    SINNER = mayybe
    SLAYER = :rolleyes:.....
    SOILWORK = my mate will..might as well :D
    SONATA ARCTICA = not heard of them...
    STRATOVARIUS= not heard of them...
    SUBWAY TO SALLY= not heard of them... (btw cursey its no way jóse:rollyes:)
    SYMPHORCE = not heard of them...
    THE CROWN = fuuuck yeah...playing after Dew..
    THE QUILL = not heard of them...
    THYRFING = not heard of them...
    TWISTED SISTER = well they are headlining so I guess I will have to see them... but as a replacement for Iced Earth??? c'mon, don't bullshit me!!!! hahaha ditto, mate
    TWISTED TOWER DIRE = not heard of them...
    V8 WANKERS= name suggests it all;)
    VADER = yep....round off a perfect evening
    VICTIMS OF MADNESS = not heard of them...
    VICTORY = not heard of them...
  11. berserkur

    berserkur W:O:A Metalhead

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    16. Dezember 2002
    Re: Re: Re: Re: bands checkout thread

    Am I the only one that is doing some band research before I go?
    you might find some jewels maaan!
    check for downloads for Callenish circle!

    go to -> sounds and download a song with KAtaklysm
    looks like ditto here knows just a few bands :)
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  12. dittohead

    dittohead W:O:A Metalmaster

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    04. Februar 2003
    hahaha true....
    slayer, testament,. dew scented and nile will do just fine :D:D:D
  13. Sec

    Sec W:O:A Metalhead

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    26. März 2003
    My list
    I deleted the ones that I've neither heard of or want to see

    ANCIENT RITES = not a bad band, their early material was quite good
    ANNIHILATOR= maybe

    CARPATHIAN FOREST = one of the last oldschool norweigen blackmetal acts still making decent music, but ater the last album I don't have much faith in their future releases...if anyone wants to check them out I recommend Black Shining Leather & Strange Old Brew

    DARK FUNERAL = haven't listened to them since I was 16 (seven years ago) doubt they've changed much, might as well see them
    DISMEMBER = yep, well worth seeing if they play some Massive Killing Capacity material
    MALEVOLENT CREATION = yeah probably will
    NILE = I think there's people who will KILL me if I don't see Nile
    ONKEL TOM = Hell yes, they should play all day everyday so I have adequate beer drinking music ;)
    ROTTING CHRIST = yep might check em out
    SENTENCED = worth a look
    SINISTER = shame about losing the old vocalist, still they have some great old albums
    SLAYER = Fuck yes
    TESTAMENT = yeah worth checking out
    THE CROWN = maybe, if they don't get too melodic
    THYRFING = Viking metal? sounds good to me
    VADER = hmmmm, I guess they could be ok
  14. Suwarin

    Suwarin W:O:A Metalmaster

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    26. November 2001
    E.N.T. Nile and The Crown looks like we got at least three Bands in common...
  15. Sodomy&Lust

    Sodomy&Lust W:O:A Metalmaster

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    13. April 2002
    Assassin play old-school thrash metal. I've never listened to them, but some reviews compare them with early Nuclear Assault, but with more aggressive vocals.

    I'll see them, most of the people will be seeing In Flames, so I'll probably manage to see them in the first lines :)

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