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    hey i would like to know how i can get a backstagepass at wacken 2001.

    i CANT lock in to your page

    so maybe you could answer my questions in here?

    my e-mail:

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    I think the "" adress was a JOKE!!!!!
    (and,as I think,a good one!)
    There is no way to get a pass for the W:O:A if you are not a writer for a magazine or a musician (or maybe a female top-model)!NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!
    So place your tent at the regular campsite and
    place your ass in front of the stage (as we all do)!

    Greetings and Support Music!

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    You ask really funny questions.
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    there is or was, i don´t know, a question from you (the slayer) in one of the forums how the to become a bp.

    I think it is an very funy question, but the point ist, that wacker-holger wrote him back that it is not possible. And now that question again. HÄÄÄÄÄ???

    So I and my brother were not able to stop making an great joke, and so we wrote tha you hav to look at www.wacken-backstage. And we wrote too, that there is an opiton were you can buy a private Wacken for your birthday.

    Sorry, but it was not seriosly, you cant´t get any bp, and its not possible tho get an privat Wacken at your home.

    Ich habe the subject Englich immer very gehasst an der fukcing Schule. Besonders zum kotzen fand ich dann später das Wirtschaftsenglisch. Naja, und da ich es immer hasste, und mit Wirtschaft und Englisch nicht mehr zu tuen have, ist my englich fucking bad. That sucks.
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    It is not possible to buy a backstagepass......
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    Realy Holger, its not possible?

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