AVSKILD, TAINE, AVATAR - Romanian Metal's flagship bands

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    Guys, I propose you this bands from Romania. They are considered to be the flagship of Romanian death metal.

    AVSKILD approaches death metal style in a new manner, combinig brutal passages with melody, metalcore inserst, all based on a different way of structruring each song. Played with Possession (Aut), Suicidal Angels (Greece), Avatar (Ro) and will open of Obituary in June, in Bucharest.
    Check them out at http://www.avskild.com

    TAINE is one of the oldest Romanian metal bands, playing technical death metal, in the manner of Death, now refreshing their style with more modern approaches. Opened for Kreator, Anvil, played in France and Germany, they will also open for Obituary in June.
    Check them out at http://www.taine.ro

    AVATAR is another well established technical death metal band from Romania. They toured in Austria, Germany, opened for Behemoth, Megadeth.
    Check them at http://www.avatar-band.ro

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