Avenged Sevenfold?! ARE THEY SERIOUS?!

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Der Beste
19 Juli 2004
Best, Nederland. Jetzt Belgien
1. No one is setting out to impress anyone.
2. No one is boycotting anything.
3. No one is claiming to have wisdom.
4. No one is "nagging". We are simply expressing an opinion.
5. How do you "force" your opinion on someone? That makes almost no sense.
6. No one said we were going to be forced to watch AS, BUT that's not the point. The integrity of WOA is being destroyed. Next thing you know, Hot Topic will be a sponser.

7. Everyone has the right to "nag". Tough shit.

Now, besides point 5, that I explained somewhere else, in which I state that it is possible, I'll run down points 1 - 7.

  1. That was more or less a statement of his travel costs, and his Hispanic speach under his post
  2. Mr Whiskey was planning to stay home, only for A7X
  3. If you call everyone faggot/queer/whatevre, if (s)he does not share his opinion, then you act like doing it. I might be wrong, but that was what Mr Whiskey said
  4. No problem with expressing someone's opinion. That is what a forum is about. However, calling people names, insult them etc. is not part of forum behaviour!
  5. See previous post. (due to my codes I'm forced to do so)
  6. That is exactly the point! If you don't like a band, don't go see them.
    And as AP already stated, no organisation, how small it may be, that organises concerts, can't live without sponsors. Hassenröder was one for many years, although the beer itself was like horse's pee!
  7. True, but DON'T EXAGERATE!!!

Thus being my reply to your 7 points.