Anthrax cancel W:O:A gig

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W:O:A Metalhead
15 Apr. 2008
Motala, Sweden
Fuck. One of the few decent bands has pulled out. What a shame :(
This years line-up is so lame. Im glad that there are a few more bands worth watching.

Can we please know what kind of metal the band that will play "the secret show" plays. If Im going there and its Edguy or something that plays that kind of metal I will be so fucking disappointed. Really hope its Sodom or Destruction though.
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W:O:A Metalhead
21 Feb. 2008
Nattheim :o
If check well, will not have Anthrax's replacement, the second secret show already was announced before the rumor of Anthrax's cancellation,

the secret shows have nothing to do with anthrax.. one secret show is played on wednesday and the other one on thursday was because of thin lizzy..
they just put this one on anthrax' spot now.. no replacement.. that sucks :(
but they tried their best


22 Jan. 2009
Oh damn that become hard to understand now the shows on the party stage are early and Heaven And Hell plays at the same hour but on true metal stage. But no one think of change Grand Magus slot which still clash with Heaven And Hell, that's a shame !
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