After Wacken

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W:O:A Metalhead
11 Dez. 2008
NJ "garbage state"
I am coming from the US on july 29th and im staying until sziget fest (hungary) which starts on the 10th august. I have to kill time between each of those festivals, up until the 10th ... so While i was searching around (almost everything is in German or Dutch) i saw a few other fests in between Wacken and Sziget dates and found Summer Darkness (fest?), Mera Luna and Open Flair all of which pretty much fall give or take on the same days so my question is can someone recommend which fest(s) to go to after Wacken and before August 10th? I prefer rock or a mixed event but it really doesnt matter as long as theres liquor there. ANy other fests that i didnt list can you recommend also?
I prefer to stay in or around germany or surrounding countries.

Also (if youre bored, i hate asking so much shit) and feel like telling me
which one is better and why (you think), id even more appreciate it.

Double thanks in advance.


W:O:A Metalhead
22 Aug. 2005
Schwäbisch Hall
I commend after Wacken the pub "Night-Light" in Hamburg, St. Pauli.
Before and after Wacken, the Metalheadz from the whole world will meet each other for some drinks and small talks.

Afterwards, you can tour through germany or enjoy your time on another open-air or concerts.

We have some big Metal-Pubs in Germany too, like the Rockfabrik in Ludwigsburg, etc. Take google and search.


W:O:A Metalhead
17 Juni 2003
Mpls. MN USA
Party San is pretty fun. Erfurt is the closest travel hub.
But...your dates confuse me. You're not likely to find any mid-week festivals.